Blockchain based Wi-fi network raising up to $25 million in ICO

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Blockchain based Wi-fi network raising up to $25 million in ICO

World Wi-Fi is a company based in Singapore that is having an ICO to build a global Wi-Fi network. They are raising funds to build a network which will be based on privately owned routers. Most of the routers will be residential. Owners of private routers may offer free Internet access and earn cryptocurrency through Internet advertising.

They already have two working businesses for selling Wi-Fi advertising and hotspots. The model is tested in the b2b marketing and has been running for 2 years. The total number of connected access points is 14,000 in 80 cities. They launched a blockchain based model in March.

A new user can connect to the system through an invite only. An invite is a referral link connected to the wallet of the user in the system.

The referral program transfers 25% of their earnings, from ads shown on a router, to the users who provided an invite to connect to the system.

The ICO is raising up to $25 million by selling 285 million tokens. As of April 4, 2018, $5.7 million has been raised.

The White paper is here.

Disclaimer – This is an informational article and not a financial recommendation.

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